Carrie Klewin


In 2004 Carrie was involved in a brainstorming session with company members of Run of the Mill Theater in Baltimore.  They wanted to ask their audience “What do you want to see on stage?”  They decided to ask the audience in a way that was fun and playful - by throwing a party - to result in gathering source material for playwrights who were interested in writing for a festival.  Thus the Variations Project was born.

One evening, 10 plays, 5 actors, directed by 4 directors, all based on the theme of “Desire,” started an annual event.


Variations on Desire

Conceived by Carrie Klewin

Directed by Carrie Klewin, Jim Knipple, Ryan Whinnem, Stephen B. Thomas

The Plays: LIFE IS ELSEWHERE by John Becker, POSSESSION by Barbara Bryan, RED RIDICULOUS by Joe Dennison,  13 by Chris Graybill, COMING UP, GOING DOWN by Gavin Heck,  GOD DOLLS by Kimberley Lynne, CRACKERS by Tim Paggi, THE PLAY ABOUT THE BED by Laura Ridgeway, THE NAKED PEOPLE PLAY by Stacey Lane,  BERRY SEASON by Rosemary Frisino Toohey.